A personal welcome

•July 6, 2007 • 3 Comments

Ever join a site and not get a single ‘Hello’? I gotta say, I get dead tired of that. People tell me that others on sites like this aren’t friendly, and that’s why I don’t get a greeting. But y’know, they’re wrong. Dead wrong. They’ve been welcomed, hello’d, so why shouldn’t I? I decided my first entry should be an introduction, a welcome, and a hello.

So hello. Name’s Vaarn. Well, OK, it’s not really; my parents weren’t actually so stupid to name me an elven word. But I prefer to not give out my name to strangers. Nah, I’m not that scared of them, but hey – wouldn’t you be cautious? Anywho, if you don’t want to call me Vaarn, which means evil, call me Kitty. Either one I won’t give two whisker licks about.

I’m a cat fanatic. Got six of the buggers myself, and I love them all. As I type, I got one peering over my shoulder. This one is my Sammy, purely mine, no more, no less. Most of my cats came from outside – strays. One was a gift to my parents. The sixth, Xanadu – the ‘cow’ – was the only store-bought feline we got.

If you had the brains and checked my ‘About Me’ page, then you’d know I’m an artist. I mainly draw, ink, and scan to color, but sometimes I draw straight on the ‘top – like my avatar – or color with Prismacolor colored pencils. Oui, I’m open to requests – my art varies to about anything. However, I do not draw humans unless they are clad tight in armor, like in World of Warcraft.

That’s another thing. I’m a gamer. No, not one of those slobs who has a powerful PC with too much crap they don’t need. No, I merely have a simple Dell Inspirion, no special additions. Well, OK, I’m using my brother’s old Toshiba because my Dell fans crapped out on me, and the old man was complaining something about the ‘a’ key. Annnyways, I play a lot of RPGs – World of Warcraft, Warcraft, things like that. On WoW, I got a 62 or 63 warrior, Alliance, Azgalor – Drayx. Very proud of her. No epic yet, but she’s well on her way!

If you thought I was done, you’re wrong. Real wrong. I’m a poet! In fact, I’ll sample my work now. Here’s a piece I call ‘Hell’.

The flame is lit
Demons cheer
Fire flows below
Hell hath begun.

The Earth shudders
The world shakes
His head emerges
Hell hath begun.

Whips crack and shriek
Screams fill the air
Torture reigns the day
For Hell hath begun.

Steeds of Him run wild
Minions rampant, free
No way to contain it
For Hell hath begun.

What does the Jury say?
Do they let Hell stay?
Satan makes it his way
Satan is sin.

Skinny tail
Leather red skin
Empty eyes
Satan is sin.

Fire erupts from his fingertips
Evil from his horned head
Smoke from his nostrils
Satan is sin.

Journeys to the center
Journeys to the sun
Satan comes.
Satan comes.

Prayers for it to end
Come from souls below
He raises above them
Satan comes!

No one cheers
No one screams
Run for cover!
Satan comes.

Doom will scar
The bleeding world
Satan is here
The world is done.

Damnation reeked
Death soured the air
Nothing peaceful
The world is gone.

I could have chosen a shorter one, but haha, I love torturing people.

I’m also a writer. Not gonna post any sample now, no – I think that for today, I’m done. Adeui!